Sarah Alexander Valhalla Necklace

  • Brand: Sarah Alexander
  • Type: Necklace
  • Material: Brass and Gold Plated
  • Collections: Goddess
  • Necklace: 32″ Chain (With 2″ Extension)
  • Size: One Size
  • Gift Boxed: Sarah Alexander Branded Gift Boxed

This stunning Sarah Alexander Valhalla Necklace will truly stand out from the crowd. Featuring rough cut Yellow Quartz (large) and faceted Citrine (small) semi precious stone facet cut to bring out the natural beauty and tone of the stone. Gemstone colour and opaqueness will vary due to the unique nature of semi precious stone variation as each cut stone is individual. Set in 14ct Gold Plated on Brass finished in a high shine finish. Set on a chain necklace accented with cut Labradorite beads, length 32″ with lobster clasp and 2″ extender. Each item comes beautifully packaged in our luxury designed boxes including protective pouch to keep your jewellery item looking its best.

Sarah Alexander The Brand

Sarah Alexander is the luxury jewellery brand from award winning design house Ivory & co. Established for nearly 30 years., their pieces are designed in the UK by design duo Sarah Bussey and Alexander Longhi.

Their design collaboration began 3 decades ago when they met and studies alongside each other at prestigious design institution Goldsmiths College, University of London. Sarah went on to work in the design industry in both London and New York. Whilst Alexander designed within the largest advertising agency in Copenhagen, Denmark.

The Sarah Alexander brand of jewellery is innovative and designed for easy everyday wear. Designed to be layered and interchanged the range offers endless possibilities for matching to different looks be it relaxed beachwear or smart wear within the workplace. Providing a varied selection of design styles means there is something for every taste and occasion.

Sarah and Alexander still design together in the heart of the UK countryside to produce their unique jewellery pieces, but they bring to the process their individual influences and design styles.


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Within our business, we have a strong passion and appreciation for jewellery. With over forty years of knowledge and experience within the jewellery and watch industry. Alongside our own stock we like to be able to offer our customers branded jewellery. We love nothing more than to offer our customers something that is a fine example of its kind to wear and enjoy for years to come.

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This gemstone is mainly discovered in Brazil, Russia and Madagascar. It is mainly clear with a smooth yellow tone and has been used throughout history for decoration and jewellery. Yellow Quartz is thought to bring the benefit of clarity in decision making as well as symbolizing wisdom, warmth and joy.


Most citrine is discovered in Brazil, France and Russia. This quartz crystal as used in this Sarah Alexander Valhalla Necklace is a stunning gemstone ranging in tone from palest yellow to rich amber. Citrine has been ornamentally used for thousands of years and is still well loved now. Known for its beauty and brilliance of clarity it symbolizes the energy and vitality of the sun. Linked with imparting joy as well as increasing positivity.


Labradorite used extensively in this Sarah Alexander Valhalla Necklace is a feldspar mineral most commonly found in Madagascar, Scandinavia and Russia. With a beautiful irridescence ranging in colour tones of green and blues it contains flashes of gold and peacock making each stone unique. Named in 1770 after Labrador in Canada this gemstone has a more ancient history as it was used by the Inuits and revered by them due to their belief that the Northern Lights were trapped in the stone. It is thought to be the stone of transformation and helpful to impart strength at times of change.

The gemstone designs are crafted in India where the studio specialises in hand cutting the array of semi precious stones and setting the individual pieces, whilst the precious metal designs are created in Thailand where there is a long history in skilled silversmithing. Pieces are worked by hand in small batches to produce the perfect quality and finish.

All materials and raw elements used are ethically sources, including 10% of the silver used being recycled or reclaimed silver given a second life to help assist sustainability.


Workmanship is a top priority for the team. Only the finest materials are used, mainly working in 925 silver and with some pieces plated in 14ct gold or rose gold vermeil. They work with over 50 different natural gemstones, these are cut and polished to set in the unique designs.

Each piece of jewellery is meticulously made by skilled experts, using traditional methods of moulds and stone setting as well as fine metalwork to achieve artisan finishes. Sarah and Alexander have been lucky enough to travel extensively during the journey of their business. This has allowed them to connect with the talented craftsmen and women who produce the beautiful end products.


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