Nikki Lissoni


A fantastic fresh faced brand, that provides you with a personalised, stylish and quality piece of jewellery. This not only stands out and looks fantastic, but is also affordable too. Nikki Lissoni is based on a brilliant design concept; where you choose a COIN, MOUNT and CHAIN then create your own personalised pendant. You can purchase each individual element separately, enabling you to add additional pieces to your collection and change your look for different occasions.

At ROSH we offer two different sizes of coins and mounts. SMALL and MEDIUM.  If you purchase a SMALL MOUNT you will in turn need a SMALL COIN to fit inside. The same would apply for a MEDIUM MOUNT as this would require a MEDIUM COIN. All of the chains are compatible with both sizes of mounts. If you are an existing customer and you are unsure which mount and coin size you currently have, don’t hesitate to CONTACT US, and we will do our best to assist you with that. If you are new to the brand and would like to see the range in person, or try it on, you will find our shop address HERE, and we will be more than happy to assist.

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