Sarah Alexander

Sarah Alexander is a luxury jewellery brand from award winning design house Ivory & co. Established for nearly 30 years.

The pieces are designed in the UK by design duo Sarah Bussey and Alexander Longhi.

Their design collaboration began 3 decades ago. They met and studied alongside each other at design institution Goldsmiths College in London. Sarah worked in the design industry in both London and New York. Whilst Alexander also designed within the largest advertising agency in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Their jewellery is innovative and designed for easy everyday wear. Therefore its perfect to be layered and interchanged.

Consequently the range offers endless possibilities for matching to different looks. Whether it be relaxed beachwear or smart wear within the workplace. Thus providing a varied selection of design styles. This also means there is something for every taste and occasion.

Sarah and Alexander tend to be designing all the time. Whether in their countryside design studio or whilst travelling with work. They discuss new ideas. Sketching down the basics of shape and texture before the image ebbs away. Inspiration can come from anywhere. They can draw from colours and textures of landscapes. As well as cultural inspiration whilst travelling.

A resource of over 100 different gemstones is also kept in their design studio. This collection allows them to play with ideas of gemstone colours. With different precious metal tones and finishes.

Ideas are sketched from basic concepts. Then developed through to a finished version that both designers are happy with. Including what finish the metal should have and how the stones should be cut.

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