Daniel Vior Silver Enamel RUSC Pendant

Details – Rusc Pendant
  • Brand: Daniel Vior
  • Type: Pendant And Necklace.
  • Material: 925 Sterling Silver. Rhodium Plated to Prevent Tarnishing and Give a Crisp White Finish.
  • Collections: Rusc.
  • Dimensions: 3.6/3.6/0.2
  • Weight: 7.3 grms
  • Colours: Green And Yellow Enamel.
  • Necklace: 3 Strand Black Steel. With Silver and Gold-Plated 5 Microns Lobster Claw Closure.
  • Size: Not Applicable.
  • Gift Boxed: Yes.

Rusc translates directly form catalan as beehive and the collection is derived from this internal interaction between hives cells. Our inspiration can come from both exploring the environment as well as letting ourselves be surprised, with what prompts our emotions. Our desire is to use this finding and share it through another body language. Each collection is made one by one at my workshop in Barcelona, by a fusion process that allows the reproduction of the model or its parts, the workers which are highly skilled in their respective trades; carry out in a handcrafted manner all the different operations such as surface treatment, assembling and soldering along with enamelling and polishing.

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Customer Care And Advice For Your Rusc Pendant

Our advice to Customers in order to prolong the product’s life and maintain good conservation, is by avoiding wearing them when engaging in activities which carry impact, or that involve contact with active chemical products. Customers are also advised, that how you store your product, will have a bearing on their appearance. It is preferable to keep them separate in their case to avoid scratches. An unnecessary exposure to sun is also not beneficial. Regularly cleaning the jewels is advisable. Customers can do this by using neutral soap with a soft brush. To which, we advise the product then needs rinsing and drying well.


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