**SOLD**Lindenau Apatite Necklace Yellow Gold Plated

Lindenau Apatite Necklace In Silver and Yellow Gold Plate. Attached A Beaded Necklace Threaded With Apatite and Yellow Gold Plated Beads. With a Yellow Gold Plated Disk Attached Detailed With a Polished and Brushed Finish. With a Magnet Fastening.

Details – Lindenau Apatite Necklace
  • Brand: Lindenau
  • Type: Pendant and Necklace.
  • Material: 925 Sterling Silver and Yellow Gold Plated.
  • Gemstone: Apatite
  • Dimensions: Unknown
  • Colours: Yellow Gold and Turquoise
  • Necklace: Beaded Necklace Attached. With Magnet Fastening.
  • Gift Boxed: Yes.

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